Having been in the Virginia area for 17 years now, Jeremy Stern and the team, have had the pleasure of meeting so many local families, individuals and small businesses. Even when a client is moving away or has family in a different area, this team is always helping! We’ll be adding testimonials to this page, and you can too (below)! 

Cory Weaver is a Virginia Medicare expert...contact him anytime.
Lovely words from a fellow mom for Laurel Corridon
We can help with all benefits…vision & dental as well as life and health.
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On Thursday October 15, 2020 my husband James and I met with Cory Weaver at the Health Markets location in Manassas, Virginia.   With all the many plans and options, we needed help and guidance regarding the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plan.   Mr. Weaver took his time and helped us by thoroughly explaining all the options we could choose and which ones would meet our specific wants and needs.  

Mr. Weaver checked if our doctors accepted the plans, went over my prescription costs and all answered all of our questions.   What at first seemed an impossible obstacle for us to navigate turned out to be a most informative and extremely helpful session thanks to Mr. Cory Weaver’s knowledge of the plans.   Currently we are both covered by my husband’s employer health plan which will soon be coming to end as he prepares for retirement.  There is no doubt that we will be contacting Mr. Weaver very soon to complete the paperwork and as we transition to full retirement.  

Because of our excellent experience with Cory Weaver, I will not hesitate to refer him to anyone like us who need help with insurance.                                                                             – Joyce L., Manassas VA 

Mary Crispino is a Medicare expert! 

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