Coronavirus & Health Insurance in Virginia

Health insurance is evolving to keep up with the needs of Americans during the coronavirus crisis, but with so much information coming so quickly consumers need concrete answers to their coverage questions. Below are the answers to Virginian’s most frequently asked questions about health insurance during this time.

Does my health insurance cover covid19 tests?

Yes, your health insurance will most likely cover coronavirus (Covid19) testing during the national emergency period, if your doctor or other medical professional orders a test for you. Many private health insurers and plans administered through Affordable Care Act (ACA) have waived co-pays for coronavirus diagnostic testing.  

Does my health insurance cover treatment for coronavirus?

Each plan is different but in general, yes, coronavirus treatment is covered after meeting your deductible.  Most plans will give you access to covered coronavirus testing and treatment but remember that it is not completely free because the deductible or co-pay needs to be paid.  Let us know what plan you have and we’ll tell you exactly what is covered and where.

I’m worried about contracting coronavirus…can I get health insurance right now?

Several states have created special enrollment periods for citizens to enroll in their state’s ACA plans, but Virginia is not one of them. Virginians’ have these options:

  • Purchasing a short-term plans to bridge the gap between employee sponsored insurance.
  • Enrolling in a state-run ACA plans if they’ve lost their job or coverage due to the covid19 crisis. Loss of job/coverage due to covid19 is considered a “qualifying event” allowing individuals and families to take part in the state exchange even though Virginia is currently outside of the open enrollment period.

I lost my job. Can I still get health insurance?

Yes, you may still be able to get insurance if you have recently lost your job. Job loss is considered a qualifying life event, which makes you eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP). Usually, you have up to 60 days following the loss of your job to enroll in an individual health insurance plan that’s not connected to an employer. Your employer may also offer COBRA coverage of your company sponsored plan.

Contact us anytime if you need coverage or have questions about your current plan. We can help at no cost to you.

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